Latest Results : 22/07/2017 - 22/11/2017

FAI Junior Cup
Cappry Rovers 3vs1Glenea United  More
Castlefin Celtic 2vs1Convoy Arsenal FC  More
Greencastle FC 7vs1Lifford Celtic FC  More
Kilmacrennan Celtic FC 0vs2Rathmullan Celtic  More
Carndonagh FC 1vs2Kilmacrennan Celtic FC  More
Castlefin Celtic 2vs0Drumkeen United  More
Convoy Arsenal FC 6vs3Cavan Town  More
Glenea United 5vs3Glengad FC  More
Greencastle FC 4vs0Milford United FC  More
Illies Celtic 5vs6Cappry Rovers  More
Lifford Celtic FC 3vs0Gweedore Celtic  More
Whitestrand United FC 0vs3Rathmullan Celtic  More
Cappry Rovers 3vs0Drumkeen United Reserves More
Cavan Town 4vs3Ballybofey United FC  More
Glenea United 4vs0Lagan Harps FC  More
Glenree United FC 1vs2Drumkeen United  More
Milford United FC 4vs2Bonagee United FC AET More
Whitestrand United FC 1vs0Killdrum Tigers  More
Keadue Rovers FC 1vs3Lifford Celtic FC  More
Castlefin Celtic 3vs0Clones Town  More
Convoy Arsenal FC 2vs0Cranford FC  More
Rathmullan Celtic 2vs0Strand Celtic Youth  More
Arranmore United 0vs6Greencastle FC  More
Kilmacrennan Celtic FC 3vs1Orchard FC  More
Ulster Cup
Aileach FC 5vs0Glenea United  More
Ballybofey United Youth 2vs0Quigley Point Swifts  More
Buncrana Harps 6vs1Castlefin Celtic  More
Carndonagh FC 2vs1Raphoe Town  More
Clonmany Shamrock 0vs1Bonagee United FC  More
Convoy Arsenal FC 4vs1Keadue Rovers FC  More
Culdaff FC 5vs4Drumkeen United AET PEN  More
Drumoghill FC 3vs0Clones Town  More
Illies Celtic 1vs0Erne Wanderers FC  More
Killdrum Tigers 7vs0Glaslough  More
Killylough FC 1vs0Milford United FC  More
Lifford Celtic FC 1vs2Cappry Rovers AET More
St Catherines FC 0vs4Rathmullan Celtic  More
Whitestrand United FC 1vs5Kilmacrennan Celtic FC  More
Ulster Shield
Cranford FC 4vs3Orchard FC  More
Curragh Athletic FC 2vs0Lagan Harps FC Reserves More
Cappry Rovers 3vs1Kerrykeel 71 FC Reserves More
Glenea United 3vs0Illies Celtic Reserves More
Milford United FC Res2vs6Rasheney FC  More
Strand Rovers FC 10vs1Killylough FC  More
Temple Domestic Appliances Division One
Convoy Arsenal FC 1vs2Erne Wanderers FC  More
Dunkineely Celtic FC 0vs1Bonagee United FC  More
Gweedore Celtic 5vs3Raphoe Town  More
St Catherines FC 5vs3Lifford Celtic FC  More
Erne Wanderers FC 1vs0Ballybofey United FC  More
Raphoe Town 1vs1Bonagee United FC  More
Ballybofey United FC 1vs0Raphoe Town  More
Gweedore Celtic 3vs2Bonagee United FC  More
Keadue Rovers FC 2vs1Convoy Arsenal FC  More
St Catherines FC 3vs2Dunkineely Celtic FC  More
Dunkineely Celtic FC 0vs2Keadue Rovers FC  More
Erne Wanderers FC 2vs1St Catherines FC  More
Ballybofey United FC 0vs5St Catherines FC  More
Bonagee United FC 2vs5Lifford Celtic FC  More
Dunkineely Celtic FC 2vs5Convoy Arsenal FC  More
Erne Wanderers FC 2vs0Gweedore Celtic  More
Raphoe Town 0vs1Keadue Rovers FC  More
Bonagee United FC 1vs2Ballybofey United FC  More
Dunkineely Celtic FC 2vs3Raphoe Town  More
Keadue Rovers FC 5vs2Erne Wanderers FC  More
Lifford Celtic FC 2vs1Convoy Arsenal FC  More
Ballybofey United FC 6vs1Dunkineely Celtic FC  More
Bonagee United FC 4vs2Keadue Rovers FC  More
Convoy Arsenal FC 5vs0Gweedore Celtic  More
Raphoe Town 3vs0Erne Wanderers FC Discipline  More
Convoy Arsenal FC 4vs1Ballybofey United FC  More
Erne Wanderers FC 0vs1Bonagee United FC  More
Gweedore Celtic 1vs1Lifford Celtic FC  More
Keadue Rovers FC 1vs3St Catherines FC  More
St Catherines FC 3vs2Raphoe Town  More
Gweedore Celtic 3vs0Dunkineely Celtic FC  More
Ballybofey United FC 4vs0Gweedore Celtic  More
Bonagee United FC 2vs2St Catherines FC  More
Erne Wanderers FC 4vs2Dunkineely Celtic FC  More
Lifford Celtic FC 3vs4Keadue Rovers FC  More
Raphoe Town 2vs2Convoy Arsenal FC Reversed to Convoy  More
Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre Division Two
Copany Rovers FC 2vs4Curragh Athletic FC  More
Deele Harps FC 1vs3Letterbarrow Celtic FC  More
Eany Celtic FC 2vs4Cranford FC  More
Gweedore United FC 0vs2Whitestrand United FC  More
Kerrykeel 71 FC 0vs3Drumkeen United  More
Copany Rovers FC 3vs0Gweedore United FC  More
Cranford FC 4vs3Curragh Athletic FC  More
Drumkeen United 2vs0Glenree United FC  More
Letterbarrow Celtic FC 3vs3Kerrykeel 71 FC  More
Deele Harps FC 3vs0Eany Celtic FC  More
Drumkeen United 0vs1Whitestrand United FC  More
Glenree United FC 4vs2Copany Rovers FC  More
Gweedore United FC 0vs5Curragh Athletic FC  More
Kerrykeel 71 FC 1vs6Cranford FC  More
Deele Harps FC 7vs2Copany Rovers FC Reversed  More
Cranford FC 2vs2Deele Harps FC  More
Glenree United FC 2vs0Eany Celtic FC  More
Letterbarrow Celtic FC 8vs1Gweedore United FC  More
Copany Rovers FC 0vs6Drumkeen United  More
Cranford FC 1vs1Glenree United FC  More
Curragh Athletic FC 0vs3Deele Harps FC  More
Eany Celtic FC 4vs0Kerrykeel 71 FC  More
Whitestrand United FC 2vs1Letterbarrow Celtic FC  More
Deele Harps FC 3vs1Kerrykeel 71 FC  More
Drumkeen United 2vs0Curragh Athletic FC  More
Glenree United FC 5vs0Gweedore United FC  More
Whitestrand United FC 2vs3Cranford FC  More
Letterbarrow Celtic FC 1vs1Eany Celtic FC  More
Copany Rovers FC 0vs3Kerrykeel 71 FC  More
Drumkeen United 6vs0Cranford FC  More
Eany Celtic FC 3vs0Gweedore United FC  More
Whitestrand United FC 4vs0Curragh Athletic FC  More
Copany Rovers FC 2vs0Eany Celtic FC  More
Drumkeen United 5vs1Deele Harps FC  More
Glenree United FC 6vs2Kerrykeel 71 FC  More
Deele Harps FC 3vs1Gweedore United FC  More
Kerrykeel 71 FC 4vs3Curragh Athletic FC  More
Letterbarrow Celtic FC 5vs3Copany Rovers FC  More
Cranford FC 6vs0Copany Rovers FC  More
Curragh Athletic FC 0vs1Letterbarrow Celtic FC  More
Deele Harps FC 2vs1Glenree United FC  More
Eany Celtic FC 1vs4Whitestrand United FC  More
Gweedore United FC 1vs4Drumkeen United  More
Glencar Inn Saturday Division One
Donegal Town FC 3vs0Milford United FC Reserves More
Strand Rovers FC 6vs0Cappry Rovers  More
Cappry Rovers 3vs4Orchard FC  More
Glenea United 0vs2Keadue Rovers FC  More
Arranmore United 0vs3Glencar Celtic  More
Glencar Celtic 2vs2Strand Rovers FC  More
Arranmore United 2vs1Castlefin Celtic  More
Glencar Celtic 5vs1Castlefin Celtic  More
Keadue Rovers FC 0vs3Arranmore United  More
Cappry Rovers 1vs3Castlefin Celtic  More
Glenea United 2vs2Strand Rovers FC  More
Arranmore United 2vs2Orchard FC  More
Castlefin Celtic 6vs1Keadue Rovers FC  More
Donegal Town FC 4vs3Glenea United  More
Milford United FC Reserves3vs1Cappry Rovers  More
Orchard FC 1vs2Glencar Celtic  More
Strand Rovers FC 3vs1Arranmore United  More
Glenea United 2vs1Milford United FC Reserves More
Keadue Rovers FC 2vs1Orchard FC  More
Arranmore United 1vs4Donegal Town FC  More
Glencar Celtic 8vs0Milford United FC Reserves More
Keadue Rovers FC 1vs2Donegal Town FC  More
Orchard FC 0vs4Strand Rovers FC  More
Arranmore United 4vs0Cappry Rovers  More
Cappry Rovers 2vs4Glenea United  More
Castlefin Celtic 1vs1Orchard FC  More
Donegal Town FC 0vs1Glencar Celtic  More
Strand Rovers FC 1vs0Keadue Rovers FC  More
Milford United FC Reserves2vs1Arranmore United  More
Cappry Rovers 3vs3Donegal Town FC  More
Glencar Celtic 7vs1Keadue Rovers FC  More
Milford United FC Reserves3vs5Castlefin Celtic Reversed  More
Glencar Celtic 3vs0Glenea United Discipline  More
Keadue Rovers FC 8vs2Cappry Rovers  More
Orchard FC 5vs2Milford United FC ReservesReversed to Milford More
Strand Rovers FC 3vs2Donegal Town FC  More
Cappry Rovers 1vs0Glencar Celtic  More
Castlefin Celtic 2vs4Strand Rovers FC  More
Donegal Town FC 4vs0Orchard FC  More
Milford United FC Reserves3vs1Keadue Rovers FC  More
Glenea United 1vs3Arranmore United  More
Old Orchard Saturday Division Two
Drumkeen United 1vs2Dunlewey Celtic  More
Drumoghill FC Res2vs3Drumkeen United  More
Dunlewey Celtic 4vs1Fintown Harps AFC  More
Killdrum Tigers 0vs3Gweedore Celtic  More
Lagan Harps FC 2vs4Raphoe Town  More
St Catherines FC 2vs0Drumbar FC  More
Drumkeen United 3vs2Fintown Harps AFC  More
Killdrum Tigers 1vs2Raphoe Town  More
Drumbar FC 3vs5Dunlewey Celtic  More
Gweedore Celtic 6vs1Raphoe Town  More
Killdrum Tigers 1vs1St Catherines FC Reversed  More
Dunlewey Celtic 2vs2Drumoghill FC Res More
St Catherines FC 2vs1Gweedore Celtic  More
Drumbar FC 3vs3Gweedore Celtic  More
Drumoghill FC Res4vs3Lagan Harps FC  More
Dunlewey Celtic 3vs0Raphoe Town  More
Killdrum Tigers 4vs3Fintown Harps AFC  More
St Catherines FC 1vs1Drumkeen United  More
Drumbar FC 3vs1Killdrum Tigers  More
Fintown Harps AFC 0vs4St Catherines FC  More
Gweedore Celtic 4vs1Lagan Harps FC  More
Raphoe Town 2vs1Drumoghill FC Res More
Drumoghill FC Res2vs4Drumbar FC  More
Dunlewey Celtic 3vs4Killdrum Tigers  More
Lagan Harps FC 2vs2Fintown Harps AFC  More
Raphoe Town 2vs3Drumkeen United  More
Drumbar FC 5vs3Lagan Harps FC  More
Fintown Harps AFC 3vs1Raphoe Town  More
Gweedore Celtic 5vs1Drumkeen United  More
Killdrum Tigers 2vs2Drumoghill FC Res More
St Catherines FC 3vs1Dunlewey Celtic  More
Drumoghill FC Res2vs6St Catherines FC  More
Dunlewey Celtic 3vs2Gweedore Celtic Reversed  More
Lagan Harps FC 2vs5Killdrum Tigers  More
Raphoe Town 0vs0Drumbar FC  More
Drumbar FC 5vs0Drumkeen United  More
Gweedore Celtic 2vs1Fintown Harps AFC  More
St Catherines FC 3vs1Lagan Harps FC  More
Drumkeen United 1vs1Killdrum Tigers  More
Drumoghill FC Res1vs3Gweedore Celtic  More
Fintown Harps AFC 0vs1Drumbar FC  More
Lagan Harps FC 1vs3Dunlewey Celtic  More
Raphoe Town 1vs1St Catherines FC  More
Brian McCormick Sports Premier
Castlefin Celtic 2vs3Milford United FC  More
Donegal Town FC 1vs1Kilmacrennan Celtic FC  More
Killdrum Tigers 3vs2Cappry Rovers  More
Lagan Harps FC 2vs2Drumoghill FC  More
Rathmullan Celtic 1vs1Glenea United  More
Milford United FC 1vs2Killdrum Tigers  More
Cappry Rovers 8vs1Rathmullan Celtic  More
Drumoghill FC 2vs3Milford United FC  More
Glenea United 0vs0Donegal Town FC  More
Kilmacrennan Celtic FC 0vs4Castlefin Celtic  More
Killdrum Tigers 3vs0Drumoghill FC  More
Cappry Rovers 1vs0Castlefin Celtic  More
Drumoghill FC 2vs4Kilmacrennan Celtic FC  More
Glenea United 3vs0Milford United FC  More
Killdrum Tigers 2vs1Rathmullan Celtic  More
Lagan Harps FC 2vs6Donegal Town FC  More
Castlefin Celtic 15vs1Lagan Harps FC  More
Donegal Town FC 0vs1Killdrum Tigers  More
Kilmacrennan Celtic FC 0vs3Glenea United  More
Rathmullan Celtic 1vs2Drumoghill FC  More
Castlefin Celtic 2vs1Glenea United  More
Lagan Harps FC 2vs2Killdrum Tigers  More
Milford United FC 2vs0Kilmacrennan Celtic FC  More
Donegal Town FC 1vs2Castlefin Celtic  More
Drumoghill FC 2vs3Cappry Rovers  More
Killdrum Tigers 2vs1Kilmacrennan Celtic FC  More
Lagan Harps FC 0vs4Glenea United  More
Rathmullan Celtic 1vs0Milford United FC  More
Donegal Town FC 7vs2Drumoghill FC  More
Cappry Rovers 5vs0Lagan Harps FC  More
Glenea United 3vs3Killdrum Tigers  More
Kilmacrennan Celtic FC 3vs1Rathmullan Celtic  More
Milford United FC 2vs1Donegal Town FC  More
Brian McCormick Cup
Donegal Town FC 2vs2Cappry Rovers AET and Pen More
Drumkeen United 4vs2Milford United FC  More
Kilmacrennan Celtic FC 3vs2Glenea United  More
Raphoe Town 0vs3Killdrum Tigers  More
Cappry Rovers 3vs0Letterbarrow Celtic FC  More
Castlefin Celtic 0vs2Killdrum Tigers  More
Donegal Town FC 12vs0Copany Rovers FC  More
Drumkeen United 4vs3Rathmullan Celtic  More
Drumoghill FC 0vs2Milford United FC  More
Glenree United FC 0vs1Glenea United  More
Lifford Celtic FC 6vs7Raphoe Town  More
Kilmacrennan Celtic FC 3vs0Keadue Rovers FC  More
Copany Rovers FC 3vs0Eany Celtic FC Donegal Area Game C More
Cappry Rovers 4vs1Erne Wanderers FC Donegal Area Game A More
Convoy Arsenal FC 4vs9Castlefin Celtic Lifford Area Game A More
Curragh Athletic FC 1vs3Killdrum Tigers Lifford Area Game D More
Deele Harps FC 0vs3Lifford Celtic FC Lifford Area Game B More
Donegal Town FC 6vs0St Catherines FC Donegal Area Game B More
Drumkeen United 5vs4Lagan Harps FC Letterkenny Area Game B More
Glenea United 3vs0Cranford FC Gweedore Area Game D More
Gweedore Celtic 1vs3Keadue Rovers FC Gweedore Area Game C More
Gweedore United FC 0vs5Glenree United FC Gweedore Area Game A More
Kerrykeel 71 FC 1vs6Drumoghill FC Letterkenny Area Game A More
Letterbarrow Celtic FC 4vs1Dunkineely Celtic FC Donegal Area Game D More
Milford United FC 3vs2Bonagee United FC Letterkenny Area Game D More
Raphoe Town 1vs0Ballybofey United FC Lifford Area Game C More
Rathmullan Celtic 5vs1Whitestrand United FC Letterkenny Area Game C More

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